Doughbo at the Hobgoblin

2 friends fed up with rubbish take away street food decide (after a whole load of beers) to start a food revolution…doughbo was born and is on a mission to serve quality, affordable, super tasty relaxed food - gourmet doughballs!

Our secret recipe Neapolitan dough takes up to 2 days to make from scratch giving each doughball an airy, light crispy chewy texture and are stuffed full with locally sourced ingredients made fresh daily.

The best thing is you get to pick & mix from a list of both savoury and sweet doughballs all packing a major punch of yummy flavours so never again will you have to settle for one choice and get food envy because you should have got what your friend chose.

Perfect for sharing, eating on the go or scoffing alone each box contains 6 dough balls equivalent to a 10 inch pizza!

Doughbo Menu

Doughbo Menu at The HobGoblin Pub in Brighton

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